Coping with Racism

Racism is when you are teased or abused because of the colour of your skin or where you’re from. It can take the form of physical abuse, teasing and name-calling, and making you feel like you don’t belong where you are, or do not deserve to be treated equally.

Racism is a very cruel form of bullying and can make us feel very low and even very frightened. Sometimes it can be difficult to tell our parents that we are suffering from racist abuse and it can be even more difficult to tell teachers. Feeling like you have nowhere to turn and no-one to talk to is a horrible feeling and is very bad for our mental health and self-esteem.

We have set up this 121 Chat service for you if you need someone to talk to in private about racism or racist abuse. Are you being teased about the colour of your skin? Are you made to feel lonely and different because you are from a different country than the others? Please feel free to sign up to this support service. We will give you a secure username and password, and you can leave a private message for one of our counsellors. Nobody else will see it, and the response made by your 121 counsellor is for you only. It is completely free to use and completely private. It is not like a telephone conversation – you have time to think about your questions and responses and you can communicate with the 121 counsellor at your own pace.

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